4 Traits of a Liftoff Marketer

Gather your marketing materials and review this checklist.
Are you ready for liftoff?

#1 Character
At first glance, the reader can tell what I offer, where, and when. [ ]
Design and copy work together to make my message clear. [ ]
Readers know who I am and what I stand for. [ ]
Readers know why they can trust my brand. [ ]
#2 Connection
[ ] At first glance, the reader knows how to contact me.
[ ] The reader sees calls to action - one general and one for a specific audience
[ ] Readers understand what will happen when they contact me.
[ ] Each page or marketing piece leads people to the next step.
#3 Curiosity
At first glance, the reader sees something surprising - a question or fact. [ ]
Each marketing piece educates the reader. [ ]
I reward curiosity with social media interaction. [ ]
My story shows curiosity leading to innovation, results and relief. [ ]
#4 Courage
[ ] My message is clear.
[ ] My message is unique.
[ ] My message is conversational.
[ ] My message has proof points.
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