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Time Timer

Cincinnati-based global entrepreneur Jan Rogers invented the Time Timer twenty years ago to help her inquisitive four-year-old daughter see "how much longer?" As the red disk elapsed, little Loran could visualize how much time was left until the next activity. Jan's revolutionary product is now available in four desktop models, apps and software, watches and more. Her products are in-demand all over the world for healthcare, school and home use. Jan won Inc 500 Awards in 2011 and 2012 and was named the We Celebrate Woman of the Year - Entrepreneur in 2013.

Liftoff Marketing

For two years, Liftoff Marketing provided full marketing communications coverage, including writing press releases, producing email campaigns with 30% average open rates and 5% average click rates, writing blogs and advertisements, managing app updates, providing trade show support and supervising a redesign of the website from product-focused to customer-focused. The entire marketing communications plan focused on the idea that the Time Timer is more than a time management tool – it helps you make every moment count.

Time Timer

Time Timer Email Campaign


marketing communications management, blogging, press releases, email campaigns, copywriting, app development oversight, rebranding, video production, social media setup and management


2011 - Present


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