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Recipe for Life

Dallas motivational speaker and chef Debbie Gore had all the ingredients of a successful business woman: the purpose, the passion, the experience, the website and clear goals. She has grown her motivational speaking business into wine and cooking presentations, all aimed at helping women in stressful jobs choose the "ingredients" for a happy, fulfilled life.

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Debbie came to Liftoff Marketing when she was ready to launch two huge projects: her social media and her new book. Liftoff set up her Facebook and Twitter, taught her to maximize ads and linked tweets, and provided ghostwriting and editing for her delicious book Recipe for Life.

Excerpt from Recipe for Life

The very first feelings you ever felt, before you were even fully you, were hunger and thirst. We begin life craving nourishment, then we hunger for adventure, for connection, for success, for love. As soon as we're born we thirst for milk, and as we evolve we thirst for inner peace and greater purpose.

Every day we feed these cravings with the ingredients that fill our lives (some healthy, some indulgent, some unhealthy). Your body tells you how to quench your physical thirsts with fruit smoothies and ice-cold beer. This book will help you develop the instincts to feed a different hunger: the cravings of your heart and soul.


book ghostwriting and editing, social media setup, newsletter guidance



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